Castles® Luxury Private Jet Index 2017

Here are the top five most expensive private jets on the market, averaged out and divided by one million to obtain an index of 149.6.

1. Airbus A380

Dominating the industry, this European jet is a double-decker with four Rolls Royce engines. This master jet is able to comfortably seat 469 passengers in spacious cabin seats, as well as provide an on-board lounge and spa.

2. Boeing 747-8 VIP

As the longest and second-largest aircraft ever, the Boeing 747-8 VIP features beautiful customized lounge rooms, a stateroom, an office, and a dining/conference room. Nothing screams luxury and affluence like this two-tiered private jet.

3. Gulfstream G650

Produced by Gulfstream Aerospace, this G6 is equipped to carry up to 18 passengers. At a top speed of 610 mph, nothing stops this lavish beast from taking over the skies.

4. Bombadier Global 800

Tailored for both personal and business, this jet provides privacy and comfort within every suite. Stay connected with on board connectivity provided by Ka-band for fast internet and HD content.

5. Gulfstream G550

This aircraft, produced by General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace, can carry 16 passengers and achieve a top speed of 585 mph. The engine is Rolls-Royce BR700 and maintains an interior of modern comfort.

Again, the index for 2017 Luxury Private jets is 149.6.