Castles® Luxury Watch Index 2017

Here are the top five luxury watches on the market for 2017. After finding the average and dividing by 1 million, the luxury watch index is 36.8.

1. Graff Diamonds: Hallucination

This watch embodies the pinnacle of luxury watches, for it contains 110 carats of rare, large colorful diamonds all throughout. Not only are the range of colors an impressive feat, but the watch also features a variety of cuts.

2. Graff Diamonds: The Fascination

Full of white diamonds, this watch sports 152.96 carats with an interchangeable center piece that can double as a ring. Guaranteeing elegance and luxury, this unique and rare watch demands attention.

3. Breguet Marie-Antoinette

Built on history, this watch’s intricate design strikes for hours, quarters, and minutes as well as displays the date, day and month. Maintaining a careful balance of vintage sophistication, each detail contributes to the beloved and valued piece.

4. Chopard 201-Carat Watch

This unique and glimmering watch features three heart shaped diamonds in the center of 15, 12, and 11-carat value. The entire piece is decorated in diamonds defining it is as a prized possession.

5. Patek Philippe: Henry Graves Supercomplication

As the most complicated watch ever made, this vintage classic hits the market at $24,000,000. It was first commissioned in 1925 and does not owe any of its design to computer technology.

The index for luxury watches is 36.8