Castles® Luxury Art Index 2016

Here are the top 10 most expensive art pieces sold in 2016. The index (averaged out prices then divided by one million) is 54.43.

1. Meule by Claude Monet

Not only was this the highest price for 2016 but this was also the highest price for any Monet piece. This painting was part of Monet’s Grainstack series and one of the last pieces in it.

2. Untitled XXV by Willem de Kooning

On sale again after setting the record back in 2005 for most expensive post-war painting sold, this piece hit hard yet again with a price tag of $66.3 mill. Expressing vibrant strokes of abstract interpretation, this Willem de Kooning is quite a sight.

3. Femme Assise by Pablo Picasso

Developing early pieces invoking Cubism, Picasso presents this sculpture-like portrait and brings life to the painting. Cubism, a significant advancement in the art world, gives this piece the value and prestige that allowed it to be the third highest sold painting in 2016.

4. Lot and His Daughters by Peter Paul Rubens

Preserved in private collections for centuries, this painting holds immense classic value. The tale of Lot and His Daughters was taken out of the Old Testament and popularized by many artists of Reuben’s time.

5. Untitled by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work with neo-expressionist art in this piece is highly respected and valued in the art community, allowing the piece to sell for over $57 mill.

6. Jeanne Hébuterne (au foulard) by Amedeo Modigliani $56,300,000

Displaying Amedeo Modigliani’s lover and muse, this painting provides a love story of the two within 20th century art. Opening up a narrative to audiences, this piece maintains great value and clear desire by art fans.

7. Girls on the Bridge by Edvard Munch

This piece dominated the Impressionist and Modern Art auction just exceeding the estimated value. Munch’s distinct style, among other considerations, brings this painting as well as his many other powerhouse pieces to the pinnacle of value.

8. The Grand Snowing Mountains by CUI Ruzhuo

Combining ancient influence and modern techniques, Ruzhuo’s brushwork and detail allow a true masterpiece to unfold. Completed only three years ago by this living artist, Ruzhuo’s talent clearly does not go unrecognized.

9. Two Studies for a Self Portrait by Francis Bacon

Utilizing optimistic color palette and soft strokes, this painting foreshadows other masterpieces of Bacon’s. This glimpse at an unusual set of portraits establishes different perspectives in a unique way.

10. No. 17 by Mark Rothko

Symbolic of post-war and contemporary art, Rothko experimented with his many pieces. This cool color oil panting in particular reflects Rothko’s blue period in life.

Again, the index for luxury art in 2016 is 54.43.