Castles® Luxury Private Jet Index 2015

Here are the top five most expensive private jets on the market, averaged out and divided by one million to obtain an index of 23.2.

1.Airbus 380 - Custom

Owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, this jet is referred to as the “kingdom in the sky”. Airbus modified an empty Airbus A380 (for which he paid $350 million just for the base) just for him. Features include a solid gold throne, a concert hall, a Turkish bath, a Rolls-Royce garage and a prayer room with electronic mats which automatically rotate to face mecca. This jet is by far the most exclusive in the world.

2. Airbus A340-300
$350,000,000 - $450,000,000

Owned by the richest man in Russia, Alisher Usmanove, the base price of the Airbus A340-300 alone is $238 million. Add to that a custom interior and state of the art technology and security systems for $150-$200 million and you have the second most expensive private jet in existence.

3. Boeing 747-430

Owned by Sultan Brunei, the custom finishes on this jet cost an extra $130 million. The living room, a bedroom and a bathroom are all decorated with gold and crystal. Additionally all of the bathrooms are made of solid gold.

4. Boeing 747-400

Owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, this plan could originally carry up to 400 people. The new owner stripped the entire interior and had it custom built from scratch.

5. Boeing 767-33A/ER
$120,000,000 - $170,000,000

Owned by Roman Abramovich, this custom Boeing 767 includes a 30-seat dining room and a huge master bedroom.

May 2015 Index: 23.2