Italy’s Villa Veneta On Sale for $4,923,959

Half an hour away from Venice, and a 15-minute drive to Padova and the Lagoon, is where you’ll find this breathtaking estate. On the edge of a small village, it is well-connected to the A13 highway, just 12km to the closest toll. The closest airport is Venezia Marco Polo, 56 km away while the civil airport of Padova, for private flights, is only 24 km away.

The complex
Built on the ruins of a 1500 AD castle, of which the tower and well still remain, the overall property occupies 38.04 sq. ft. and is surrounded by five private acres. The whole property includes a frescoed manor’s villa, a Barchessa, a tower that dates back to 1300, agricultural additions, and a guest area. Most of its features and materials are original.

The villa adds historic and artistic value to the Veneto region. It preserves Zelotti, Fasolo, and Veronese frescoes. The reception room features a doric-styled row of columns surrounded by mythological frescoes. On both sides of the central lounge, there is a series of large bedrooms. All three floors present this layout and amass a total of 33 rooms.

The Barchessa, or a barn-like structure, overlooks a large park. It dates back to 1400 and includes a library, meeting and reception rooms, and guest quarters. The tower, which opens up on all four sides, is the most ancient in the property, dating back to the XIV century. The three-story building hosts three rooms connected by a central staircase and a small bathroom. There is also a recreation room on the first floor, a fireplace, a small chapel, a farmhouse, a secret garden, and a small pond.

Condition and utilities:
Don’t be fooled by the villa’s age. It is provided with an electricity plant, heating, alarm, water and sewage system, and telephone. Although needing some restorations, the villa is in good condition.

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