Under Armour founder  has listed his Utah lodge-in-the-sky for sale on the open market recently, and a quick $21.5 million closing could mean a charmingly rustic year-end celebration at the top of the Silver Mine resort complex in Park City.

The 6,858 sq. ft. condo is entirely clad in timber. The reclaimed wood of the walls and ceilings, battered and weathered by decades of seasonal change, gives the interiors an intoxicating rusticity and a historical depth that belies the complex’s decade-long lifespan.

Unfinished stacked stone and hardwood plank floors also contribute to the composition, while a variety of artisanal-looking light fixtures and a few dusty pieces of archival taxidermy dress up the Horace Greely pretentions of the place. The main living area is a great room with vaulted ceilings and a marvelously incorporated galley kitchen that’s nearly covert; the seats at the front counter and the granite bar give it a lounge-like look that suggests a clever twin usage of design. The bedrooms extend the design scheme into suede-covered walls, a two-sided fireplace, and 19th-century Moroccan ceiling panels, while the amenities list includes ‘bunk room’ that sleeps 8 and a game room with a wet bar that’s finished with antique mirror tiles and tufted leather.

Throughout the five-bedroom, seven-bath unit, oversized glass is used to bring the raw, rugged landscape indoors and offer the living style an over-arching contextualization. Overall, it’s a very appealing spot for sipping hot cocoa while brushing one’s buffalo coat.

Plank’s net worth is around $1.2 billion, per Forbes.